New Icon to a new button

HI Guys,


I have created a new button in apm.edit.problem do.  Now, for thAT button i have to have a new icon. I have created the icon and placed in obj16 folder. But, it is still not working. :(


Please let me know which step i have missed out...


Thanks in advance/Ananth

  • Have you used any condition for displaying the button?
  • Hi,


    What client are you using ? Web or Windows ?


    If Web, i'd suggest restarting your web service (apache/tomcat).


    What's the name of your button ? what's the name of your image ?



  • HI, Thanks for the reply... First I thout of using windows client. And name of the button is "InviteOthers" and name of the image is "tinviteothers.gif".



  • Hi Tom,

       I can able to see the button. But, not able to attach an icon to that.



    If you have any document/ (handmade), can you please share the same?



  • Ananth,


    This an extract from SM9 Training doc


    If you change an image, Service Manager will replace the original image with the new image on all forms. If you do not want to change the image on all forms, you mustr change the default Label in the Display Application Option Definition for the form you want to change, and create a new image.


    Windows client : ...\plugins\{SM_version}\src\resources\icons\obj16

    Web client on Tomcat : ...\webapps\sm710\images\obj16



    Hope it helps.




  • Thanks a lot... I found it working for some english...But, for some english it is still d same...Dont know the reason.... Closing with some doubt... Thanks again/Ananth
  • Hi,


    When you say the name of your button is "InviteOthers" do you mean the Default Label of your display option?


    I've had similar challenges with icons for my custom buttons and what I did is keep changing the name of my .gif until it appeared, so if your display option has a Default Label of "InviteOthers", I would start with a .gif name of "tinvi.gif", then if that didn't work I would use "tinvit.gif", then "tinvite.gif", and so on.  You need to make sure the .gif name is unique and long enough that the icon won't attach to another display option that might start with the same letters.  In my case, every time, my new icon eventually appeared.  I'm not sure if I needed to, but I also stopped my tomcat services and deleted my Catalina directory (tomcat\work\Catalina) after every change.



  • Hello Ananth,


    I managed to do it on my test system.


    For the Windows client, you need to copy the gif file in the directory \Client\plugins\\src\resources\icons\obj16 where <Home> is the directory where your Windows client is installed (in my case :  C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Service Manager 9.30)


    For the Web client, you copy the file in the directory  <Tomcat Home>\webapps\sm93\images\obj16 (sm93 is where I extracted the web client jar file) __AND__ you restart Tomcat (you have to).


    Last thing : your gif file name must start with a "t" and have no more than 8 characters. So if your button is named "Invite Others", your gif name should be tinvite.gif (or tinvite_.gif because of the space in the name)


    Hope this helps



  • Hi Everyone,

    Now that we have PD -> Transitions, rulesets as Actions etc how does this work? I mean how can I add a custom image to something like "Send to Partner". It's a manual transtion set to appear on the Tray. I know earlier we did this through the DO and the scmessage record but what now? Anyone ever figured this out?

    Some details from the example.: IM record, button visible in Work In Progress. Right now no icon before the text. That's what I'd like to enhance: put there the 16x16 logo of the partner as I used to with "normal" displayoption records...

    BR, Dávid

  • Hi there,

    You can check the demanded name in windows client. Just like the RAD Debugger View You can open the details data view.

    In case that You have opened the form and the option "Invite Others" is visible - You should see a lot of XML data in the details data view. A Part of the xml data are the options demanded by the client for presenting the form. And one of the options is this one:

      <option img="tinvite" value="213">
       <origcaption>Invite Others</origcaption>
       <caption>Invite Others</caption>
       <description>Invite Others</description>

    The first row includes the img attribute img="tinvite". This should be the name of the needed gif image.

    Just my two cents...


    PS: The 213 value is just the gui option number in the display option record.