WSDL to retrive a list of incidents

I am having a difficult time trying to setup a new WSDL to be consummed by another application we have.  I am trying to have a WSDL produce a list of incidents with an assignment group of Mobile and the ticket is still open.

I have the following using SOAPUI.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ns="">
      <ns:RetrieveIncidentOOListRequest attachmentInfo="" attachmentData="" ignoreEmptyElements="true">
         <!--1 or more repetitions:-->
         <ns:keys query="flag=true" >


When I try to update the query to query="flag=true and assignment=Mobile", I get no more records found.

I have tried

<ns:keys query="flag=true and assignment="Mobile"" >

But that returns the error,

         <faultstring>Unable to create envelope from given source:</faultstring>


What am I missing here?


I am using Service Manager 9.30.