HP Service Manager 9.30 connection to SAP Solution Manager 7.2

I have been asked to work with our SAP teams to integrated HP Service Manager 9.30 with SAP Solutions manager 7.2.  We have been having a hard time finding any real documentation on this integration.   Does anyone have any experince in doing this?  WE are trying to work this through using Web Services but the SAP team is having difficulty getting the connection going.

They have a question about using the HP Service Manager Exchange if that is a requirement or can they connect straight to the WSDL.

We are currently running HP Service Manager 9.30 on Windows 2008 R2

  • We did this integration.  HP has a middleware known as SMSSMEX (Service Manager Exchange with SAP Solution Manager). It runs on Tomcat.  SAP points SAP Solution Manager to the middleware and then the middleware communicates to HP Service Manager via Web Services.  It works fairly well, but we had to customize the solution to meet our company's needs.

    I do not think it's a requirement though. If the SAP team can use SOAP (Web Services), then they, like any other application, should be able to communicate with HPSM directly, utilizing the WSDL. 

  • I think they are looking to not use SMSSMEX at this time.  But glad to hear there is someone out there using it. 

    We started breifly working on trying to get SAP to commuincate with SOAP but were having issues getting the initial connection from SAP to SM working.