Customer views based on data from the assignment table

I have a requirement to create views based on data fields in the assignment table we have created.  The new field is called wdDirector and wdVP.  We need to have views created that show those who are identified as wdDirector and wdVP.  The data in these fields is their operator logons.  The view creation is the simple part.  The problem I am having is finding a way to identify the logged on user as being the director or VP of those assignment groups.  I thought I could replicate the funcitonality of the $ variable but I cannot seem to figure out the logic on how that is built.  I tried doing it in format control on the login.defualt by using the query table and performing calculations based on matching the logon but I only return one request.  I also tried creating a global list where I was using wddirector=$ but this only returned values when I rebuilt the global list and then it was only for my admin ID.  It would not refresh on each new logon.  We are currently running on SM9.30.