Adding new fields to a table for an array

I am trying to add a new array field to a table, but the expected results are matching the actual.

I want to be able to add a new field to a table, that when I search at the database level, I see two rows of data with the same unique identifier.  Let me explain in an example that already works in our environment.

I had modified the model table some time ago.  Added a new field as an Array to capture approvers that need to approver certain line items.  When I look at this table in the database, if there are multiple lines of approvers, I see multiple rows of data.  But when I just tried to duplicate this to another table, the row only appears once and my new field contains all the data in one column.

How can I create an array field that will do what I am looking for.  It has been awhile since I did the previous and I don't remember any additional things I needed to do besides create an array field, with one character field, and point it to a1 SQL Table in the dbdict which it created fine.

This is for Service Manager 9.30