How to cut access for specyfic users


We have a problem that need to be fixed asap. Please advice.

There is a specyfic group of people that should have specyfic access to the HPSM incidents (probsummary table)

- The users  are manually added by the manager to the already created assignment group

- Members of the assignmentgroup should only see the incidents which are assigned to their assignmentgroup.

We will prepare User Profile

Then we want to configure "scaccess" like this. Screen attached.

Of course restriction query for the table ocmq,root...,cm3r will be something like false ?? not sure. Please advice.

We don't want they have access to other tables. How to restric it ?

What we are missing still ?

Users in this assignment group should not be able to open, find, search ANY other incidents like their own assignment group and not allowed to find any other request, changes etc in the system.


Anything else we should implement or add ?


Please help.








  • In order to take advantage of those scaccess records the operator records would need to be modified to include the Security ID.  For example if the scaccess record Security ID was "restrictedUser".  Then for those operators you would go to the Groups tab, Securiy Groups and add "restrictedUser"

    If I understand your scenario correctly.