How to show attachment file in incident management record true or false in probsummary field


I want to show attachment file which is true or false in incident record view.For instance,IM32434 record has attachment file,and then a field which is in probsummary table it should show true.

How can I provide it?


  • @ehamderi,

    First of all, in latest release, you can get the information in the ticket:

    And in old releases, you can find the number by running following query on SYSATTACHMENTS table, following sample is for get the attachment number count for IM10002

    var file = new SCFile("SYSATTACHMENTS");

    var query = "application=\"probsummary\" and topic=\"" "IM10002" "\" and segment=0";

    var count=file.doCount( query ) ;

    print(count);Let me know if it helps,

    Let me know if it helps,


  • In fact,I want to show view a column of hp service manager which incident record has attachment or not.For instance,I created a field as attachment_x.If IM24556 record has an attachment,this field should be YES.