SD ticket not appear in my to do list


I've issue with SD ticket, once I created the SD ticket it will appear in my to do list although the ticket has been assigned to assignee. By right it should appear in assignee my to do list

Appreciate that if anyone can advice

thanks in advance

  • Interactions don't normally _have_ an assignee... An Incident has an assignee because someone has to do additional work to get the customer's issue resolved.  For Interactions, the standard flow is to resolve the Interaction when the customer is on the phone, or escalate the Interaction to second level support.

    So I'm not sure of your set up, when you say the Interaction is assigned to you... 

  • Verified Answer

    While Process Designer Help Desk added the to the interaction, the related TodoMap was not updated to map the new field to the ToDo records.

    From database manager, search for the TodoMap for the incidents table. OOB the ticket.owner field is mapped; change it to