contract email notification

Hi All,

I will like to customize some field, if the field set to "no" email notification will send to Negotiated by every 30 days. How do I customize the schedule to send out the email every 30 days?

Appreciate that if anyone can advice

Thanks in advance

  • One option:

    1. In addition to your field set to "no", also add a datetime field for nextNotification (or similar). 

    2. Use format control to set the nextNotification field to 30 days in the future when the trigger field is set to "No".

    3. Create a Script Library script that queries the contracts table for any contracts where the trigger field is "No" and the nextNofification date is prior to tod(). If found, update the nextExpiration to another 30 days out (update the record) and send the notification. 

    4. Add a schedule record to execute daily to call the Script Library script.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply, Could you share me the script library for scheduler as I am not good in coding