Make a field visible based on logged on user

Hello experts,


I have a quick question to ask. How can you make a field visible based on the user that is logged in? Based on if the user is in an assignment group.

If I have a user that is logged into the incident I want them to see certain fields but only if they are in the assignment group that I have in the visible condition.

This is performed in the thick client form designer.

Major incident.png


  • At some point before the form is drawn (e.g. RuleSet, displayscreen, formatctrl, etc.), do something like this:

    if ( in $L.file isin $ then ($showField="yep") else ($showField="nope")

    Then put a little label on your form (not visible) with $showField as the input. Then use [$showField]="yep" as the visible condition for your original field.