Incident notification from the Notify button.

Good afternoon Experts,

HPSM 9.4 CodelessNotify from Change

Within the Incident record I would like to change the notify message when you pull down the More menu from the upper right dropdown.

I would like to format and change the field that populate in the message. As of right now when you click on the notify from the more menu you just get an empty message. In change we have the message to show the HTML of the change.  I looked through the messages with no luck.

Where is this getting generated from? I would like to do the samething for Incident

I apologize if this was discussed in other forum post. 

  • Hi,

    Have a look at your secRole's secRights for "Incident" -- "Notify Template" (in Additional Rights).
    This is linked to the HTML templates (choose one starting with IM< or add your own).

    Some background notes:
    In the Wokflow Based Actions, the "Notify" Action calls the "im.notify" Rule Set which calls the "im.notify" Process. That in turns establishes the format from: $L.notify.format=jscall("security.getRights", "Incident", "notify.template")
    And defaults to the current format if none is available.

    I hope this helps,


  • Verified Answer

    Okay team,

    This is what I have to resolve this issue.

    1. Log into HPSM

    2. From the system navigation menu ----Tailoring

    3. Click on Document Engine ----Processes

    4. Enter im.notify ---- click on search

    5. Go to the RAD tab

    6. Under the Expressions evaluated before RAD call

    7. Enter the $L.notify.format=”name of the notification you want to call”

    8. Save the process

    9. Open an already created incident

    10. Click on the more button and then notify

    11. When the screen opens you will see your incident in the body of you message.