Question about recalculating approvals

Hello Experts,


I have a question to ask, I have an issue with approvals when it comes to RFCs.

This is what I have below:

When an RFC is a certain Category and Subcategory we have approvals that are required for different levels of management.  

There are 3 different levels of approvals needed that are really based on the subcategory.

My question is how can I recalculate the approval levels if the subcategory is changed in an already saved RFC?


RFC is saved and only needs the manager's approval. We then change the subcategory that requires manager and director. 

How can we recalculate the current and future approvals?


I have looked into rule sets based on if the subcategory in the saved file is not equal to the current file and vise verse. This has been on the approval tab of the workflow and also on the approval tab recalculate. 

  • So maybe I can show a little bit more information


    So if I have an RFC and the Subcategory is minor and a minor RFC only takes a Manager to approve. If I took that same RFC and change it to a major which needs Director's approval. Is there a way that I can recalculate this RFC to pick up the additional approvals needed? 

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  • It's kind of a best practice that the record should be reverted back to the previous phase IF there is a need to modify the change records while lock-in approval phase.

    Also looking at your workflow - seems to be ideal only? what if the approvals get denied? An auto transition from that approval phase to the previous phase might be needed, after that the one handling the record needs to settle the cause of denial before re-submitting it to approvers again, the same scenario of the need to change a field values.