Showing the Operator's Full Name in the Change Activity Log

Good afternoon experts,

I was wonder if there is anyone that has asked the question about "how to" show the Operator's full name and not the operator's ID in the activity log? This is Change, I have the needed results for Incident.

I have attached a screenshot of the log that I'm talking about in this issue.

I have looked in this forum but I might have overlooked the answer or did not do the proper word search.

HPSM 9.40 is the version.

  • Hi, i solved this using a javascript in format control. take this code like example, you only have to add a new column and call the variable in this case is $fullname

    Sorry for my english, i hope this can help you.


    var OcmqFile = new SCFile ("activityocmq");
    var query = OcmqFile.doSelect("number=\""   record.number   "\"");
    vars.$fullname = new Array();
    if(query == RC_SUCCESS){
    var nCount = OcmqFile.doCount("number=\""   OcmqFile.number   "\"");
    for (var i = 0; i < nCount; i  ){
    var OperatorFile = new SCFile("operator");
    var query = OperatorFile.doSelect("Select from operator Where name=\""   OcmqFile.operator   "\"");
    var addrow = vars.$fullname.push(OperatorFile[0]);



  • Good morning jumanchuk,

    Let me ask you this question also, is the information going to be for the activity or activitycm3r?

    The reason that I'm asking is because I have tried in both and it still is not working. I'm sure that it is me doing something wrong.

    I'm very new at this and I thank you for your time.

  • to show the full name in the activity and in the lists is very simple: in the change management enviroment set to true in "show the operator full name".