SSO question

I set up SSO and it works fine. But i have question.
look i have two users with login "abc" in two differen domains "" and ""
It is different users
how SM distinguish which user connected to it through sso?

Thanks in advance.

  • I've set up TSO multiple times, and while I personally never had to work around such a problem, one of my current customers has a similar situation which they had to work out when they set it up. I believe their solution was on the Active Directory side. SM isn't going to be able to distinguish between those two operators, as far as I know, so I think what my customer had the AD people do was when Domain B user ABC was using Domain A's Windows Auth, spoof them as ABC2 - or something like that.

    Unless there's some new trick in SM that I'm not aware of relating to understanding multiple operators with the same username and how to differentiate between them, this will probably have to be solved/worked-around outside of SM.

  • Hi,

    What I understand about HPSM SSO is that it pass the user name from the header to hpsm, when a user open the web page

    When SSO is configure authentication is done with window authentication ( meaning it use either samaccount or upn) which requirement is that all user in the domain is unqire. (upn is a combin of user name plus @domain) , so when u create user account in hpsm each contact and operator will be having a unqire login name. so eventhough on the surface when a user login is seem the same in the backend it is actually diferent user name.

    Hope this help u :)



  • Hi,

    Could you possibly please share your implementation steps for setting up TSO, I would greatly appreciate it as this is causing me quite some headaches.