Kowledgebase question

Hi All!

I have document in Published Documents. What i should do to add it to knowledgebase to search it?


  • Hi,

    What is the status of those KMs (e.g. draft, working copy)? Please post a screenshot of one of them.

    You need to publish them internal or external with a valid category. 


  • The screenshot doesn't indicate whether or not KM0598 is published or in a workingcopyu state, but let's say that is it published. I am not sure of the exact scenario, but let me posit that the Knowledge_Library has already been indexed and that you an search all other documents exept this one? If this is the case the you first need to know if the KMUpdate is actually running. To do that you can:

    1. Go to System Status and see what the Idle Time is for KMUpdate. If the clock on this is longer than 5 minutes (because OOB this refreshes every five minutes) then KMUpdate is hung. If it is hung then ........

    2. Go to the KMUpdate schedule record and see if the status is 'rescheduled' or something bad like 'application failed'. If the latter then that is why the Knowlege Document has not been indexed.