Autocomplete and related Fill

Hi Experts,

we are on SM v9.41 P5

I am configuring the integration of config module with helpdesk modules. 

I do have reference tables mentioned on the 'device' related fields on probsummary, rootcause & rootcause task.

We do have duplicate biz app CI names in our environment, so when i type a value, i might get more than 2 records as option to select ( attached is the document explaining the issue )

Autocomplete 1.JPG

As in the above screenshot, i get 2 CI's when i type 'HP Ser' 

What I would like to achieve is, When I select any of the above CI's, how would I make sure the related Fields are filled correctly without actually clicking on the fill button. I did try with data changed event button as 9, but didnt work for me.

Below highlighted (in yellow) are the fields whcih I need to fill when I select any of the CI's in screenshot 1.

Autocomplete 2.JPG


please guide.





  • Unless I'm just totally mistaken, clicking on one of the suggested records in that Autocomplete is in fact fully executing a Fill operation. So in that link line for, you need to make sure that all the fields you want to bring over are in the table underneath the Expressions - the table that says Source Field (Fill To/Post From) and Target Field (Fill From/Post To). Your probsummary fields will be in the Source column and your device fields in the Target column.