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We want to set foreground color for todo list depending on SLA breach time and SLA 75%. We have created two new columns in Todo table for that purpose and filling these columns. 

Is it possible to use if...else if...else in DVD to set foreground color? Or is there any other to do that?

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    No "if else" functionality. You could suggest it in the Ideas Forum. Closest thing is field value matching. For specific value, set this code. if unexpected/else value, set this code.

    For example, if you wanted the color of the ‘priority’ label within problem management to change based on the severity of a problem ticket you could place the following in the ForeColor Condition for the priority label object:


    • priority.code is the field that you are basing the color change on.

    • ”4”,"3","2","1" is the list of values that priority.code could be equal to

    • 1,7,2,0 is the list of codes defining the colors that you want the label to change to based on the list of values for priority.code
    • 8 is the color code if priority.code is not 4,3,2 or 1.

  • Thanks, Jas1.

    But this will not work for me. Since I must compare current date with values in two columns. I was thinking about creating a variable that will be calculated for each row in ToDo. But does not know how to achieve it. I have tried to create variable that is calculated in display screen. But variable is calculated only for one row. Is it possible to create such a variable?

  • You will need others more experienced in customisation than I, regarding the variable for ToDo.

    My notes does mentioned this so your idea should work.

    "format DVD does not understand RAD functions. So you will have to make that in calculations of format control for example and then use the result of it in DVD.
    For example you can set some variable to true or false if that expression meets your needs and then use that variable in DVD".