Attachments are not saved


Recently we made some changes in the system restricting attachment tab. Attachment tab is shown only to assigned group. After that attachments stopped saving. No error occurs during save. just not attached. We found temporary solution. Saving form with any change enables saving for some time. And after some time problem comes back

Our implementation:

We declared variable that is calculated in format control and depending on its value (1 or 0) attachment tab is showing.

What can cause this problem and how to solve it?

  • Are there other ways to hide tabs in forms? I have tried to calculate variable in displayscreen, and not in formatcontrol. But it did not help. Is it possible loop through all tabs in forms and change visibility option in displayscreen?

  • As i understand you need show Attachments tab  for an operator that is included to the selected assignment group.

    If so, then I think there is at least 2 more methods.


    a) Display screen: MAIN-INITIALIZATIONS set condition for current operator and selected assignment group if he included in it then $L.format="SAME_FORM_WITH_ATTACH_TAB"

    b) Add new form (copy of current) one with Attachment tab and second one without it


    a) In FC-Calculations same condition and $MyAttach="MY_SUBFORMAT_FOR_ATTACH"


    b) In FD edit your current FORM and add in Attachment tab - subformat, where set in properties for FORMAT value = $MyAttach

    c) add new form with name "MY_SUBFORMAT_FOR_ATTACH"



    But simple method (i think)

    In FC calculate for INITIAL - some temp value to false\true and check it in FD for Attachment tab for visibility condition

  • Thank you ALARMus. I will try second method and check if attachments will be saved.

    I have discovered that currently there are no problems with saving attachments in fat client. Problem occurs only in web client. Why does it differs so?

  • different client have different problem

    for example my client can't delete attached files wich have 2 points in name (for example: filename..txt)