I am trying a number of methods to get the attachments out of a SM7 instance.

I am trying to get the attachment out directly from the SYSATTACHMENTS Table. There are a number of statements that the data is stored in Gzip format.

Doing a hex dump on the data, I see that there is a header that is being added by SM7 RCFM*=. So I have written some code to remove that header. I have also tried adding in a standard GZIP header, and a GZIP footer after extracting the binary data. However this has not worked.

Looking at the hex dump of the SYSATTACHMENTS data, and also the hex dump of the natively gzipped file, I do not see any match between the bytes.

Does anyone know

- Is the compression Gzip, or some other algorithm

- What headers/footers I need to add in to uncompress the data?