Encrypt SRC password " key size is not supported. Illegal key size" error


while trying to setup the oob SRC, I had noticed that the 'Browse catalog' option was invisible once logged into SRC. I did a few steps like clearing the tomcat cache, making sure falcon is having all the capabilities required (SOAP APi, svcCatAdmin, svcCatEmployeeRequestor, service catalog etc.. ).

Finally I tried to add my user ID to the admin credentials list along with falcon. While trying to encrypt the password, I was running the runme.bat file from the SRC folder and not successful in generating the encrypted password.encrypt pwd 1.JPG


encrypt pwd 1.1.JPG


Re ran the bat file, on step 2, mentioned the encryption key as pbe.

encrypt pwd 2.JPG

I was getting the error as Key size not supported and the password file is coming blank.

Anyone faced similar issue ?Plz guide.