Category qbe list on Interaction creation on PD system SM v9.41 p4

Hello SM experts,

I have a quick question regarding the interaction module within SM . I am using SM v9.41 p4 codeless

We have a list of categories on Interaction module . Out of which 1 of the category is only used by Service Desk, rest are using by HR and other teams (which is basically setup on data security )

When IT Service Desk team is creating an interaction, the SD category is set to 'Service Desk' . This is default set on the Script Library by using the below condition

if (vars.$lo_dept == "ServiceDesk") return "Service Desk";

When SD team clicks on 'Save & New', it brings out all the list of 'active' category values from 'sdCategory' . When i did the trace  this is done thru RAD application '' and I am unable to modify this behavior.

Below are the screenshots.




Please help if this requirement is possible.