popup subform on a field referenced to 'device' table

Hi Experts,

We are on SMv9.41 P5.

I am doing the integration of config module with the help desk modules.

I am facing some issues on providing a popup subform to the end user on a field which is referenced to 'device' table.

For eg: on rootcause, I have affected.item & assets fields whcih I have 'device' table referenced. 

Note:If I do not have the reference table enabled, the autocomplete feature is not working, hence I had to use the reference table on these fields.

Master link used is 'rootcause'

Field Name : assets

1. On entering value, the autocomplete is turned on and it brings the values.

popupsubform 1.JPG

2. Below is the link line for the above field 

popupsubform 2.JPG

3. Popup subformat details are as below.

popupsubform 3.JPG

5. Corresponding link line for the popup subform is as below

popupsubform 4.JPG


6. Popup subform doesnt return any details

popupsubform 5.JPG


Need guidance in fixing this issue.