HPSM: If the operator is on vacation

How to mark or temporarily hide the operator in the assignment group when he is on vacation?

  • As i see there is 2 methods

    - in assignment add for each operator line check box. At incident form display only list of assignments without this checkbox

    - Same but add such checkbox in operator table.

  • Verified Answer

    I found this way:
    1) Add a new global variable
    Tailoring -> Tailoring Tools -> Global List -> add new "operstatuses"

    ListName: opstatuses
    (checkBox) build on Startup(enable)
    List variable: $G.opstatus
    Display variable: $G.opstatus.disp
    (checkBox) User defined List(enable)
    Value List: {"1","2","3","4","5"}
    Display List: {"At work", "Vacation", "Hospital", "Official journey", "Other"}



    2) Add a new table
    System Definition -> tables -> operator -> fields -> add new "operstatus"

    type: simbol,
    pseudonym: m1,
    type of data SQL: VARCHAR,
    length of data: 60



    3) Add a new dropdown List on form
    Tailoring -> Forms Designer -> operator.g(for you language!) -> button "design"
    Add dropdown on form -> fields from element:

    input: operstatus,
    List variable: $G.opstatus,
    Display variable: $G.opstatus.disp


    Restart HPSM service