Count of imap mail connections thread


When smart email integration is enabled, there are 16 connections. The mail server swears dirty expressions in the log file and terminates the connection.
How can I reduce the number of connections in imap?

  • Hello Artem,
    Thanks for your question.

    I look in all knowledgebases but could not find anything related.
    Maybe the closest to what you need is in the following Forum thread:

    Inbound Email Integration

    Jose L. Arias

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  • Verified Answer

    Seems to be, we can not to change count of a "SmartEmail" threads. I can't find it too.
    We can to change only an "interval time" for the integration instance.
    By default there uses are 300 seconds. That's why fewer connections open.
    Just i was change it for 150 sec.
    It's a 2.5 mins, It suits me.