Looking for feedback on Expert day.

Hi all,

Would like to get your feedback on the expert day.

  • What did you like?
  • What didn't you like?
  • Were you satisfied with the answers you received?
  • Any suggestions on what we can improve?
  • Would you like to see online webinars as part of the expert day? What topics?
  • Are you finding enough information on Service Manager? If not, what are you missing?

Don't forget you don't have to wait for an expert day to submit your questions in the forum. We hope to see you back in the forums soon,

Appreciate any feedback you can provide.



  • What did you like?

    Of course I liked the availability of HP experts on SM.

    What didn't you like?

    Since this is the first time that I post here I don't know the backgroud of who I'm talking to. Is it an HP engineer? Some other user like me? It makes targeting the questions/answers a bit difficult.

    Were you satisfied with the answers you received?

    Mostly yes. However the question most pressing for us has not been answered and I'm pretty sure anybody that has upgraded from SM 9.20 to 9.30 or later had to do something about it. So I wonder if most installs remain on whatever version they where deployed with only patches and we're the few users who try to keep up with new releases.

    Any suggestions on what we can improve?

    Maybe what i'm saying is out of ignorance about these forums, but some kind of badges or labels or something that can identify users that respond on behalf of HP from users of HP SM like myself.

    More sessions like this, maybe every three months.

    Follow ups of issues identified during the session.

    Would you like to see online webinars as part of the expert day? What topics?

    The topics can be:

    • Upgrading to 9.41 from 9.X (in general upgrading to the latest version),
    • How to apply the latest pach, including whatever changes needs to be done (when users and passwords from the DB where encrypted, this could have been explained),
    • Integrating with common solutions: HP uCMDB, OMi, .. Sometimes the documentation is not enough, a webinar implementing the integration would go a long way. Since products evolve, the webinars should be updated as well.

    Are you finding enough information on Service Manager? If not, what are you missing?

    There is plenty of documentation, but there are also large gaps. Want to know what all the parameters from sm.ini and sm.cfg are for? Good luck finding them all.  Web Service integracion only passingly mentions some scenarios, like RESTFul Web Services. Recently HP has been updating the documentation, so at least I can see some effort being made on all this, but there's some catch up to do.

    Best regards,

  • Appreciate your feedback. I am the knowledge and online services program manager and I am responsible making sure these expert days are conducted to the needs of our customers/members.

    Your feedback is valuable to use. We will be looking at improving the experience of the expert days moving forward so stay tuned. This forum is an entitled forum that is only accessible to customers/partners that have an valid support contract along with HPE members. During an expert day we bring in more expertise, but outside of an expert day you can always submit your questions.

    We are looking at implementing badges and labels, so that you can see who is responding.

    We are also looking at conducting webinars dieing the expert day or outside of them. We will be working on this moving forward.

    Thanks again for your feedback and I hope others reply as well, as the more feedback we get the better we can align these expert days to the members needs.




  • It was/is AWESOME.

    yes, I got good anwers for all my posts I have had time to review.

    I would like to see Expert Days more often

    Yes, I think Webinars would be great.

    Additionally, when answering posts, including referral to a relevant "How To" youtube video is often quite helpful

    I did not like the relatively low participation rate on Expert day by the HP Community (not counting Experts).  I was expecting a deluge of Posts, but I think I alone posted maybe half the questions.  Surely there were more customers out there who could/should have taken advantage of this.  So that makes me wonder if HP could do more to 'Advertise" such events in the future.


    I have to run now, or would add more.  But all in all, it was GREAT

    Stacy Whetzell

    HPSM Administrator, Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Stacy,

    Most of the "experts" monitor this forum on a daily basis so there is no need to wait for an Expert day to ask you questions.

    Steve Hirschfeld

    HPE Support

  • Hi Stacy,

    Adding on the Steve's comments. During an expert day we pull in additional resources to address members questions. But as Steve mentioned you don't have to wait until an expert day to submit your questions.

    We are looking at improving the customer experience during the expert days. looking at webinars or adding videos.

    Appreciate your feedback.





    Sometimes a good tip from someone who has been there/done that can save reading manuals until one's eyes bleed.  Sometimes that little bit of information is like looking for needle in haystack, but the forum tips shine a light on the needle making it easy to find/understand.


    Again, thanks so very  much

    Stacy Whetzell

  • Hi BGroot,

    Thanks for condutcting the Online expert day.

    Although My query was not answered well, - http://community.hpe.com/t5/Service-Manager-Support-Customer/How-to-Auto-Fill-User-Options-Online-Expert-Day/td-p/6829377

    Anyways looking for more better interactions in forthcoming Online experts Day.

    Have a Nice day