ACTION NEEDED: Which Service Manager topics would you like more explanation on?

Hi Members,


In this forum, we would like to conduct a number of sessions on specific Service Manager topics where  you would like to get more explanation on. These sessions will be reordered by experts and will be made available in this forum.


We will also have the same experts available at certain times to answer any questions you might have on the specific session.


We can think of specific topics that we would like to discuss but we want you as users of the Service Manager product to tell us which topics you would like to see explained in more detail.


We will be collecting topics until December 15th, after which we will create a list of topics based on the feedback we receive. We will make this list available and start to create a calendar when these sessions will be discussed.


Appreciate your help on this.






  • Hello members.

    It's a interesting and good idea.

    I suggest discuss about SLA, I'm trying to understand how to get reports and how to know explain if our SLA are correct.
  • Hello,

    Bill you will merge data from all branches on 15 of December? I think I should not post in all HP SM branches same reply.

  • Hi Vadim,


    We will be looking at how we can merge some of the forums in January. AS I understand that you don't want to reply to the same message in different forums. In this case I wanted to send this out into the different forums so that they also could give their opinion and if they are customer with a support contract they could join this forum.



    I will be sending out a post soon on a proposal on how we could merge the forums.


    Thanks and have a nice weekend.





  • I get a lot of questions from users about how Deadlline is calculated, OLA's and variables of 8 hour days, week-days, week-ends, holidays,etc.  We have users that are located in various time zones and countries/cities (All US time zones, Prague, London, Australia, Philipines, Paris, Japan, India) Right now we basically tell them "don't worry about what the deadline says..." but that's not a very good answer :-) 

  • Topics of personal interest:


    * Automatism (Agents / Schedules vs. Triggers vs. formatcontrol)


    * RAD Commands/Routines

    Okay, now this is a huge topic.

    The problem is that there's barely any documentation about them and you simply don't know what is available

    for you to use in FC - subroutines and end up writing a script instead of using the ready-to-go RAD routine.

    (At the moment i only use axces.write, getnumb.fc, fill.fc, and maybe there are lots more i would use

    if i only could find a documentation on them - the RAD Routines help isn't even remotely complete)


    * Performance Best Practise

    Will be using an rtecall in format control > calculations be faster than using a javascript in display screen ?

    (Just as example)



    Ya, those would be 3 big topics :)

  • Here are the topics I would like to see covered:

    1. SLM - Our company has not rolled out this module.  There was a lot of confusion regarding this module even from the HP developers we had onsite setting up our environment

    2. Performance Tuning/Maintenance and archiving - I'd like to see some general tips and advice on how to maintain the SM7 environment

  • 1. More information on troubleshooting the system - what to do with the various error messages in the logs, java stack traces, etc.

    2. Specific examples of creating notifications that go into the Historic activities of an incident ticket

    3. How to schedule a report builder report so that it executes at a particular time and generates a hard copy output (or even an email of the output).

    4. How to transfer new information from a development instance of SM to a production instance (like new CIs and their relationships, etc.) 

  • Hi members,


    Thanks to those that took the time to provide feedback. We have collected the feedback and are looking at how we can provide more information to you on the topics you mentioned in this forum.


    We will be coming back to you in January with the results on what sessions we can offer.


    We are now closing the post.


    Thanks again.





  • Hi Bill,

    Any updates on the topics to be discussed
  • Hi Mandar,


    Yes, I will be posting something this week. We have created the long waited for list along with the first video. More will follow.


    I will post something this week and apologize to all for the delay.