Service desk not getting escalate to IM

Hi Team,

We are facing issue, I have created new service tree and trying escalate to IM.  It's not appearing as IM. Its remains in the SD form. Any condition which I need to look in.

One more thing can we restrict user based on service tree, for eg: John customer once we select his profile only following service tree should appear. 

SM version 9.33 with out PD.

  • Verified Answer

    1. In order for a new category to escalate, the processes called by the escalation option need to be updated to know how that category should be escalated. Search for processes with "escalat* in the name (sorry, not at a system right now), and one of them will include a Next Process tab wth expressions that determine the escalation wizard to present based on the category of the interaction. If you want to use the same wizard as the incident category, just update the expressions for the next process for category in $L.file="incident" to category in $L.file isin {"incident","MyCustomCategory"}. 

    2. The Allowed Categories array in the Service Desk and Incident profiles will limit the user to only the listed categories, if populated. If a user should only be able to select the "General Services" category, enter only that value in the allowed categories array of their profiles.