Notification based on the department defination

Hello Experts,

I have created field on the department table called email. When I will the select the department on the change management notification must get triggered for that department . I have created link defination also to pass the value.

The below condition is not working.


jscall( "htmlemailtemplates.getMailBody", "ChM Change Open", $L.file, $, in $L.file,email in $L.file).





  • In your jscall you have -  jscall( "htmlemailtemplates.getMailBody", "ChM Change Open", $L.file, $, in $L.file,email in $L.file)

    and according to the SL function:

    function getMailBody(templateName, $RECORD, $RECORDOLD, recipient, lang)

    the last parameter should be the language of the template.  You are passing in email in $L.file, does that resolve to a valid language code like "en"?

    Still the code should eventually try to get the English template "en" so theory this should still work.

    Do you see any error messages on the screen or in the log?

    Steve Hirschfeld