Service manager restriction on search

Hi Team,

My customer wants to restrict his search permission, He wants see only ticket which are assigned to his queue. Kindly let me know how we can achieve it.

We are not using multi tenanacy in our implementation, How can we achieve it.

SM Version:9.3 P3


  • Hello Tom,

    the manager should create his own inbox himself.

    1. Incident Management - Search Incidents

    2. Assignment Group= "the managers assignment group", "Where the incident is "="Open"

    3. Search

    4. Save List as view

    5. Save this record set as a view ? Yes

    6. Enter a name for the managers view

    7. Add

    The manager can now customize (columns, group by, sort by ...) this view.

    8. OK


    I hope this helps.

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  • If they just want a fast way to see the tickets assigned to their queue, a view is the right approach. If the user is a member of multiple assignment groups, they could use the Advanced Filter to search for each group OR you could update the view query to include the filter assignment isin $ which would have the advantage that if group names or membership changed, the query would not need to be modified. However, in all likelihood, you already have a view for "Incidents Assigned to My Groups", so it would seem that this is not the issue.

    Is the requirement to actually make it impossible for the user to see any tickets not assigned to their queue even if they search for them? If yes, it's fairly easy for SD/IM.

    • In the SD Profile, on the forms tab, there is a field labelled Append Query. If you enter a query in that field, it will be applied to all of that operator's queries for Interactions. So if you assigned an Append Query of category#"request" that user would no longer be able to access incident or service catalog interactions.
    • The same functionality is present in the Incidents module but the Append Query field is missing from the IM Profile form. You can add a text object with the input of append.query to the IM Profile form (pm.profile.g), then enter the restricting query. For this example, the query assignment isin $  should work. 

    Any changes to profile settings require that the user log out and back in prior to testing.