OMI- SM integration BDM mapping affected item

Hi Expert!

Currently with our SM implementation only we are receiving only one business services.  

We are using uCMDB we would like to see other business service populating on SM.


  • Hi Tom,

    These are two different parts/integrations :

    SM - OMi
    SM - uCMDB

    With SM - OMi, the business service (CI) integration is a bit different for which you have also shared screenshot. BDM mapping comes into picture here.
    For SM -uCMDB, there is altogether a different integration that has to be done, it does not go via BDM mapping. And you should see the CIs of uCMDB in SM once the integration of SM-uCMDB is done. I am attaching a guide for SM-uCMDB integration here, it is a little old but you can check for more documents based on teh versions you use. 
    Please specify if this integration is done and you still do not see the uCMDB CIs in SM.