How to move an incident backwards from investigation to categorization

Hi All, 

I would to configure the following in GP incident workflow.


Move incident back to categorization from WIP/Suspended/Assign status. How to add a button which when clicked moves the incident to categorization. What condition must be included? Can anyone help on this please?




  • Hi,

    In your workflow, you should just be able to add a transition from your investigation phase back to categorization, set it to a Transition type of manual with a Command Location of Tray and decide under what conditions you want it to appear, and configure that in the Condition field.

    If you had some automatic condition that moved it to investigation to begin with, you might have to do something to address that, so that it doesn't just automatically move it back to investigation again.


  • Hi Andrew,


    Thanks for your help. I was able to do the same which u suggested. I was able to create a new transition from investigate to categorization. On the incident form when i click the newly created tray, it is not changing the phase to "categorization" but the activity tab is updated with incident has been move to categorization phase from investigate. This is the only update. I want to do the following when i click the tray i just created.

    1. How to set the field "phase" to "Categorization" on the background.

    2. How to set the filed "status" to "Categorize" on the background.

    Please let me know which form needs to be edited to do the above actions.

    Thanks in advance.