Incident Management work flow modified!

Hi All,

I have modified the Request management work flow to include a transition to move backwards from Fulfilled to Logging phase. This is a requirement at my work. It works well when ever i click the button created to do this action untill there is any related task opened for the particular request. If there is a open requet task then it throws an error stating "The requet may not leave the current phase untill the following task is closed(RFT**).


So what should i do in this case? any suggestion?



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    Hi USSKT,

    I think you have two choices:

    1. close the related task(s) manually before you hit the button
    2. create a Rule to close the related taks(s) via Javascript and place it in the action RuleSet before you call the backend transition

    It's just an solution.



  • Hello

    for this, i would create a ruleset before the transiction that checks if there is any task related to the record, if there is, that it closes them and then do the transition to next phase.

    Hope this gives you an idea of how do solve this