How to mass close SD ticket in SM 9.51.0048!!

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I would like mass close the Service Desk tickets(around 1k). Is there a way to do this. Please advise. I saw the post subject"How to close mass tickets(SD)? HPSM 9.20".

The steps said were Below. But not sure whats next. I don find any online help to move further.  I need to know steps for Text Import wizard. I m a newbie to SM. Please help. Your help is much appreciated.


  1. Click Tailoring > Database Manager.
  2. Click More or the More Actions icon, and then select Text Import Wizard.
  • Mass close interaction records:

    For the out-of-box systems, the ADMIN and SYSADMIN profiles include the Mass Close capability. You can use Mass Close for interaction lists and interaction queues. Choose one of the following methods to mass close interactions.


    Mass close interaction records after searching for interactions

    To mass close interaction records after searching for interactions:

    Click Service Desk > Search Interaction Records.
    Use Search to display a list of interaction records.
    Select the records in the record list you want to close.
    Click Mass Close.
    Edit the text present for the resolution of the interaction or accept the text.
    Click Finish.


    Mass close interaction records from the Interaction Queue
    To mass close interaction records from the Interaction Queue:

    Click Service Desk > Interaction Queue.
    Specify the Queue and the View.
    Select the records in the record list you want to close.
    Click Mass Close in the More Actions menu.
    Specify the Resolution Code. Use the Fill icon to display a list of available codes.
    Click Next.
    Accept or edit the text in the Resolution text box.
    Click Finish.





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    Thanks for the respone, I appreciate your help. But when i do an expert search with the following isin{"SD*","SD*","SD*"}. It brings me the interaction record and when i click mass close from the top menu, it is asking resolution code and comment. And when i hit finish. it throughs me the attached error. Could you please tell me why. I m having sysadmin rights by the way.





  • i have the same error too, any solution?
  • You can navigate to Tailoring->Document Engine->States.

    Search for sd.view record and check if there is a mapping available for massclose.


    If yes, navigate to Tailoring->Document Engine-> Processes and check if the process with the name interactions.massclose is available or not.

  • There may be some validations occurring when you are attempting to Mass Close tickets. For example, an assignee is required or a required comment. The other option is to perform a complex update.

    1. Go to Database Manager select the table, select the box "Administration mode", then click on Search button.

    2. Select a form, then search for your tickets.

    3. Click on Mass Update and make sure the pop-up displays count of your tickets.

    4. Click on Complex Update button.

    5. Within the box "Instructions to be executed Once..., type $L.fc=NULL

    6. Within each line for action on Each RECORD, enter the fields you want to modify. Each entry will modify all records within your list. Example entries:

    resolution in $file = {"Manually Closed"}

    resolution.code in $file = "Solved by User Instruction"

    close.time in $file= '11/18/2020 11:00:00'

    open in $file = "Closed"




  • Hello, thank you for responding, I am attaching images with the 2 options that you indicate, indeed it exists in both parts.


  • In that case, you can try the option suggested by  .

  • The problem is that the client expects only to use the "Mass Close" button and according to evidence in tests, the mass close does not do what it should. So I would like to know where I can modify that mass closing action, both for interactions and for incidents.

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    There are 2 things you could check

    1) Is the Mass Close rights selected for the rights assigned to the user for the module?

    2) Select multiple records and then click on Mass Close.

    This worked in our SM environment.


  • Hi Matilda

    We already checked that, but when we close the interactions we get an error that says "'closeme' is not a valid action for Interaction. Make sure you are authorized to perform the action and that the condition of the action is met." and when we close mass incidents, it just leaves the list status as "Closed" but the incident remains the same when you see it later.

    Regards, Manuel