Request Fulfillment - Global Lead Time

I am trying to figure out how to use "Global Lead Time" in Request Models. No matter what I put into that field, I'm not getting it right.

I would assume that the format used in this field should be something like "4 00:00:00", that's what's used other places when future date/time is calculated. 

Any one who knows how this field should be used?

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    May I  know the exact steps you are doing in your request fulfilment so I can check that?

    Please provide that so i can try same steps on my box also let me know SM RTE / SM Application version you are using.

    As per the help server document, it says

    In request records, the Global Lead Time is copied from the request model and is read-only in request records.
    In request models, you can specify the Global Lead Time. The reasonable scope for the value of Global Lead Time is greater than the longest task Planned Lead Time (considering task dependency) and less than sum of the planned lead time of all the tasks. If your specified value is not in this range, an error message is displayed and you cannot save the request model.
    If the value of Global Lead Time in request model is blank, once the request model is saved, the Global Lead Time will be auto-calculated from task Planned Lead Time based on task plan.

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