Line Item Not getting attached with Quote while raising through SOAP UI (Web Service)

Hello Experts,

I was trying to raise quote and associated line item through web service (SOAP API) since last few days. Now, I am able to do that. But, unfortunately, line item is not getting attached. Orphan quote is being created.

Please let me know your valuable inputs on this issue. I am pasting the SOAP UI Input of whatever I did for it.

Please help. Thanks in Advance!!


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:pws="" xmlns:com="">



      <pws:CreateQuoteOORequest attachmentInfo="?" attachmentData="?" ignoreEmptyElements="true" updateconstraint="-1">

         <pws:model query="?">

            <pws:keys query="?" updatecounter="?">


               <pws:Number type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Number>


            <pws:instance query="?" uniquequery="?" recordid="?" updatecounter="?">


               <pws:Number type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Number>


               <pws:CurrentPhase type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:CurrentPhase>


               <pws:ApprovalStatus type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:ApprovalStatus>


               <pws:Status type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Status>


               <pws:AdditionalInfo type="Array">

                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <pws:AdditionalInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">some info</pws:AdditionalInfo>



               <pws:ProjectID type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:ProjectID>


               <pws:RequestedDate type="DateTime" mandatory="?" readonly="?">2017-06-24T17:50:00</pws:RequestedDate>


               <pws:AssignmentInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">IPS_BANK_COMMERCIAL</pws:AssignmentInfo>


               <pws:ReportingInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">File Tasks</pws:ReportingInfo>


               <pws:RequestedFor type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">lnc432</pws:RequestedFor>


               <pws:Description type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">Deploy Announcements to KDC, VDC</pws:Description>


               <pws:Task type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">Java MSP</pws:Task>


               <pws:RequesterName type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">lnc432</pws:RequesterName>


               <pws:Justification type="Array">

                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <pws:Justification type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">Business would like a new announcement deployed</pws:Justification>



               <pws:Location type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Location>


               <pws:ConfigurationItem type="Array">

                 <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <pws:ConfigurationItem type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">ENVPRINTELLIX</pws:ConfigurationItem>



               <pws:ForRepInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">File Tasks</pws:ForRepInfo>



                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <com:attachment href="?" contentId="?" action="?" name="?" type="?" len="?" charset="?" attachmentType="?"/>





               <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

               <com:message type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?" severity="?" module="?"></com:message>








<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">


      <CreateQuoteOOResponse message="Success" returnCode="0" schemaRevisionDate="2017-04-26" schemaRevisionLevel="1" status="SUCCESS" xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns="" xmlns:cmn="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">



               <Number type="String">Q2566393</Number>


            <instance recordid="Q2566393 - integrated production support - approved - Deploy Announcements to KDC, VDC" uniquequery="number=&quot;Q2566393&quot;">

               <Number type="String">Q2566393</Number>

               <CurrentPhase type="String">Work Phase</CurrentPhase>

               <ApprovalStatus type="String">approved</ApprovalStatus>

               <Status type="String">initial</Status>

               <AdditionalInfo type="Array">

                  <AdditionalInfo type="String">some info</AdditionalInfo>


               <RequestedDate type="DateTime">2017-06-24T17:50:00 00:00</RequestedDate>

               <AssignmentInfo type="String">IPS_BANK_COMMERCIAL</AssignmentInfo>

               <ReportingInfo type="String">File Tasks</ReportingInfo>

               <RequestedFor type="String">lnc432</RequestedFor>

               <Description type="String">Deploy Announcements to KDC, VDC</Description>

               <Task type="String">Java MSP</Task>

               <RequesterName type="String">lnc432</RequesterName>

               <Justification type="Array">

                  <Justification type="String">Business would like a new announcement deployed</Justification>


               <ConfigurationItem type="Array">

                  <ConfigurationItem type="String">ENVPRINTELLIX</ConfigurationItem>


               <ForRepInfo type="String">File Tasks</ForRepInfo>




            <cmn:message type="String">No link exists for this field, fill function cannot be performed.</cmn:message>

            <cmn:message type="String">Quote Q2566393 Phase Work Phase opened by mnj543.</cmn:message>

            <cmn:message type="String">ChM Request lnc432 associated with RM Quote Q2566393.</cmn:message>









  • In general terms, the relevant requested items need to be provided in an array as part of the quote creation process, if you want to directly interface with RM. The offical way (HPE prefered, and also because Webservices into RM is not part of the roadmap) is to integrate with Service Catalog. As that will allow you to create a cart, and subsequent cart items.


  • Hello Josh_MM,

    Thanks for your reply. I tried to find the same category structure in service catalog. Didn't find over there.. So, I think in our case, it's not related to service catalog when it's gonna create Quote and associated Line Item through Web Service.

    So, is there any other way so that Line Item can be attached with the Master Quote through Web Service?

    Also, please check my SOAP UI Input which I am passing and the same is there in extaccess record as well.

    Please let me know your valuable inputs.




  • Hello Experts,


    Any inputs from your end regarding the ongoing issue? It would be appreciated.

    Just to brief, I need to raise Quotes and Asscociated Line Items via Web Service (SOAP). I am able to raise Quote, but line item is not getting attached,

    Thanks in Advance!!



  • I did this before but what I ended up doing was creating a wizard which I called when the request came in.  The wizard took the data from the request and then hard-coded the fields necessary to create the master quote and one line item.  I dind't want to mention this before because this is a pretty customized way of doing it.

  • You will need to fill $ array with the model info needed. I think all it really needs is the model IDs. This will trigger the creation of Line Items (if the models are correctly defined, and allow automatic creation).

    But back to my original point: with suportability in mind, you should consider creating Service Catalog entries for all your RMs, and calling the Catalog. It is an extra step, as such, but will allow you to upgrade more easily in the future.