Apache Bridge Error in HPSM v9.31

Hello Experts,

Few of our end users are getting Apache Bridge Error while fetching reports in hpsm for Incident and Problem Management modules. I have done few troubleshooting like; deleting browser cache, resetting IE browser and modifying Search form by filtering more feasible data. It didn't resolve the issue.

While, being an Administrator, I can fetch reports easily and efficiently. We all use IE 11 accross the globe for our project. So, if compatibility issue is there, then it should effect all, I believe.

Please advise how to solve this kind of situation from my end. This has already become a showstopper because those guys are Managers and it's necessary for them to fetch reports weekly.

Waiting for your valuable response regarding the same.



  • It could be a timeout issue.  If you are accessing the same web client, pulling the same report and using the same browser, then the problem is likely network latency.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Actually, it's happening only in Web Client and globally for few users. Till last month, they were all able to fetch the same report, but suddenly something happened and they aren't able to fetch. It's ending up with Apache Bridge Error. 

    As troubleshooting steps, I have reset their browser, deleted Browser cache and restarted the machine. But, it's not working. I have never faced this kind of issue earlier.

    Please let me know your valuable inputs. It's becoming Show-stopper for us. 

    Please help.

    FYI >> I am working in HPE as L3 Support. I am not being able to find any such knowledge documents as well.




  • You say it happens for a few users.  Can you ask those users to use another machine, just to see if the problem follows them?  Can you have someone else login to one of the problem machines and see if they now have the issue?

  • Hello Tom,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    No, I haven't tried both the use cases. I will try and let you know the result.

    As of now, I can only say as an admin I can login to any user's account through Windows client and I have checked that the issue is not happening. But, web tiers I haven't tested yet.

    Any other cause that might happen here? Please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  • Verified Answer

    Thanks for your inputs Tom.

    The issue has been resolved. I have requested users first to save as view and then export. It's working and extracting all the incidents within a very short span of time.