Issue with SRC apporval

Dear all,

We have setup HPSM 9.40 with SRC 9.40.

Issue is with URL used for SRC approval. In our previous environment, it used to be like below


New version of SRC is generating URL like below, which is not working.

http://<srcserver>/src/secure/main.jsp#approval/service/c206QCM8PjpzbTpAIzw OlNEMjg0MjgyOkAjPD46aW5jaWRlbnRzOkAjPD46U1ZDQXBwcm92YWxfbGFoaWVzaW1pZWhldCBqYSB0dW90YW50b3BhYWxsaWtrbzpAIzw OlNEMjg0MjgyOkAjPD46OkAjPD46MTM2MDU4MTE5NjAwMA==

Has anyone come across such issue ?