Image and Text Customization in SRC 9.40



We are in the process of upgrading our HP Service Manager from version 9.30 to 9.40. We have installed Service Manager 9.40 and SRC 9.40.


We want to hide widgets from Services Tab of SRC and make it similar to version SRC 1.30 ( SRC1_30.jpeg).


We have set the visibility to false for all widgets under Services Tab using Manifest.XML and it looks like attached image SRC9_40.jpeg.


Could anyone suggest how to replace highlighted TEXT and IMAGE from SRC9_40.jpeg ?


Please see the attached images and Manifest.XML



  • All such images do exists in one of the images(if remembers correctly) folder in the SRC deployed web tier. Not in front of system so can not tell exactly location but it do exists.
    Just search SRC deployed directory for the file type with .jpg or .png extension and look for relative image.




  • Dear Tushar,


    Thanks for your reply.


    I have checked the IMAGES folder located "src-9.40\secure\images" and it only contains the images for svcCatalog Items.


    I couldn't find any images here related to SRC warnings and Errors.


    We are looking for the images/TEXT displayed when you hide all the widgets from Services Tab.



  • Verified Answer



    Finally we are able to cutsomize the issue. There are 2 ways of doing the same.


    First Option :-


    1. Open panel.fla in Flash Professional from location <SRC_Root_Folder>\secure\configuration\default
    2. Select a symbol that you wish to modify.
    3. Modify the image you want replace
    4. Export the file as a panel.swf file.
    5. Stop any running instances of SRC.
    6. Copy the swf file that you exported in Step 4, and then replace the existing panel.swf
    7. Restart the Tomcat services




    Second Option :-


    1. Comment the below lines from manifest.xml file located at <SRC INSTALLATION DIRECTORY>\secure\configuration




    1. Add your new companyLogo.png to the <SRC INSTALLATION DIRECTORY>\secure\configuration\default\
    2. Delete the Web application cache and restart the Tomcat services.



  • Did you find the caution image and the "service portal" error location??