Changing Priority Dynamically based on Impact & Urgency

Hi Experts,

I am using PD for IM module in SM 9.60 version. Here, "custom" script is being used to calculate priority field in incident forms. 

The requirement is that if the user is changing Impact and/or Urgency field, then the Priority field value should be changed dynamically according to the matrix without saving the form which is not happening now.

Is this feasible by using PD? Please let me know your valuable inputs regarding the same.

  • Hi All,

    Is there anyone who has solved this kind of issue earlier? 


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    We are on SM9.41 and we did this by first adding a Workflow Based Action to our Incident workflow, which called the Ruleset that calculates priority (OOB is called im.general.set.priority, but you could create a custom one if necessary),.  Then we added the number of that Action to the Data Change Event property of both our initial.impact and severity field objects on our form/s.  So if you change either the Impact or the Urgency, the Priority gets recalculated instantly.


  • Hello Audrey,

    Thank you so much for your valuable inputs. 

    I have achieved this requirement from display option as well as workflow based action, of course by using data change event functionality. And it is working fine as expected.

    Initially I thought that if I use display option then it might not be applicable from web client, but I was wrong. It works in both the places.

    Thanks again.