Can User select Date Range on the fly to see the Incidents based on Open Time?

Hi All,

Can User select Date Range on the fly to see the Incidents based on Open Time? For example, I want to see all incidents that are opened within a specific date range which I would like to select according to my need.

Note: Let's say that user is having the required role to customize his / her own Dashboard.

  • Date ranges can have this format:
       open.time>=tod()-'days hh:mm:ss' and open.time<=tod()-'days hh:mm:ss'
       days = number of days
       hh= hours in 2-digit form
       mm=minutes in 2-digit form
       ss=seconds in 2-digit form

    tod() is a function which returns the actual time (time-of-day).

    open.time>=tod()-'300 00:00:00' and open.time<=tod()

    This will select the records with open time 300 days ago until today.

    In your dashboard you can click on "Open definition" to modify the query.


  • The same syntax can be used for queries in reports. 

    In SM9.52 Out-of-the-box system there are some examples.

    report "Incidents Opened within This Half Year by Month" has query

    open.time>=date(tod())-'180 00:00:00'

  • Hello Heike,

    Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, if we go to open definition for any particular report displaying in dashboard, it's possible if we give proper role to the user.

    I was wondering what kind of role I can give to some users or a group of  users so that they can modify the reports in their respective dashboards. Is it something like Report Designer, Report Manager etc ?



  • depending on your needs, for example, if you need to frequently change the date range for a report, it is easier to use the search form, where you can specify the dates of the range.

    there is no difference in the number of actions (steps) - in the search or in the view set date range