HPSM Service Catalog Snag

I'm fairly new to HPSM as an Admininistrator and user. We have 9.40. I'm trying to learn the capabilities of Service Catalog so I thought I would create a ticket as falcon and walk through the workflow. I went to Service Catalog>Order from Catalog>Personal Productivity Services>Hardware Bundles>Basic PC Package>Add to Cart. Then I went to View Cart/Checkout,  Submit Request, completed the description, selected Urgency then Submit. Next I went to Service Desk and found the Interaction. Now what? The fields are gray and there are no buttons in the tray so I can't approve, save, escalate, withdraw or anything. There are other interactions that have that option but they weren't created as an order. I don't know what should happen next for this type and/or how to fix it. Any advice?

  • Hi AZ,

    hope you are doing fine.

    Actually that is how Service Manager works, the is not an issue yet jeje when you create a ticket on that way you will need a login approver in order to be able to approve or deny the SD, please take a look on the attachments.


  • The interaction is a placeholder to the cart/cartitems, and to support approval. Approvals can be given on the INT, or via the portal. After approval, the selected items will be processed based on the chosen adapter for that item. Typically by creating a Change or Request record.

  • OMG! I thought I sent this. It was sitting in my draft folder.

    Awesome! I went down to the Approvals tab on my Interaction and saw that it was pending approval from 'sdapprover'. I guess I was thrown off by the fact that the workflow showed that it was in Categorization so I expected the Status field to be unlocked. Anyway... I logged in as 'sdapprover' then went to Service Catalog>Approve Requests. I saw the Approval List. I could Approve or Deny any item but when I select View, I got the following message You are not authorized to view this database.

    I work to figure that out.