adding new font in HTML Editor

Hi Experts,

I need your help please.

SM 9.30

We need to add a new font in the HTML Editor (for Notifications) however the only fonts that we can use are the following:
- Arial
- Comic Sans MS
- Courrier New
- Symbol
- Tahoma
- Times New Roman
- Verdana

These are the only fonts that we can use. Is there a way that we can add new fonts?

I have added the .ttf files in the folders below & Installed the fonts on the Server
...\HP\Service Manager 9.30\Server\RUN\jre\lib\fonts
...\HP\Service Manager 9.30\Client\jre\lib\fonts
Restarted the SM services... 
I can see the font in the preferences (from the Eclipse Client) but only in the HTML Editor I cannot modify it.

Can you please help?