HPSM License question

Hi Experts,

The license is very complicated in HPSM. 

Can you please explain to me the snapshot attached? 

If we want to increase the licenses, should we buy the foundation & buy another one for the modules Service Desk - Incident - Problem? & buy another one for Change?

If we buy the foundation, so the engineer will get access to HPSM & that's it? they cannot use any module? 

Can you please explain? 



  • Hi,

    To keep it short, look at the last line: you have 249 named licenses (60 in use in your screenshot) and 130 floating licenses (1 in use).
    You don't need to buy a specific number of licenses for each module

    If you like a long explanation:
    - The Named license: This is a license that guarantees a user identified as a named user will always be able to access the system. This type of license requires that each user is accounted for in the purchase of a named user license for both the Service Manager Foundation and any other Module for which they are to be a named user.
    - The Floating license: Users not identified as named users are considered Floating users when accessing the software. Users that obtain a Floating license will be able to log in to the software as long as all the Floating licenses have not been consumed by others. A Floating user will never consume a Named user license.
    - The Limited license: This refers to users that connect via ess.do and there’s no limit in the number of users

    About the number of users in each module, that part is not very accurate. That is actually fixed in the latest releases of the product https://softwaresupport.hp.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/LID/QCCR1E121225


  • Verified Answer

    Actually, your current report shows that you're at risk if your license utilization was audited. To explain in more detail:

    Configuration Management - of the currently logged in users, 13 have add/edit capability to config and none are assigned a named license, so they each of the 13 is consuming a floating license. (Read-only access does not consume a module-specific license).

    SD/IM/PM - You are over-utilizing floating licensing for the Help Desk Modules. 

    • The report shows that 23 currently logged in users have been assigned Named licensing for SD/IM/PM wth 106 named licenses available. 
    • But, while you have only 40 floating licenses available to manage casual users of the help desk modules, 116 logged in users are currently using Floating licenses. It appears that Named licenses are not allocated to the operators for the modules.
    Change Management - Far more users than those for which you are licensed.
    • It appears that every logged on user has some level add/edit/approve capability based on their profile or role. 
    • It does not matter if the user actually accesses change management. If a user has the capability to add/edit/approve changes, at login, they consume a license. 
    • The license report shows that you have 23 logged in users who are assigned named licenses and that 116 other logged in users have rights to modify change records and are using floating licenses, far in excess of the 20 floating licenses available. I suspect this is a  result of setting the default rights to the change module to allow users to either approve or add/update records (both will result in a license being consumed). This is not supported by your licensing. You may want to set the default rights for change (either via the profile in Classic mode or by the role in Codeless mode) to View only. De-select all other options and set Update to Never and Close to Never. Read-only access to change does not consume a license. 

    Request Management - Similar to change, except no named licenses are in use (it is likely that none are assigned). 140 logged in users are consuming a request management license. 

    • As with change, it does not matter if they are not actually accessing RM. If their profile (Classic) or role (Codeless) grants them add/update/close/approve authority in the module, they will consume a license at login. 
    • If you have not deployed RM, define either a view only profile/role (all options except view set to false or Never), or even set view to false. 

    Knowledge Management - Knowledge Management licenses are synched to the Help Desk licenses. It appears that none of the named licenses are assigned and that far more users have access than you actually have floating licenses to support.