Request Management SM9.30

Hi Experts,

 SM 9.30

I have never implemented Request Management Module in HPSM. I need your help please.

The Service Desk team will only use (for now) this module, they will be raising Quotes (ex: New Employee Joiner) which will have 3 different phases (Initial Quote - Working - Closure) and once they select the quote the tasks should be created automatically.

This is what I have done:

- Quote Category Created (Also the phases have been created and assigned to the quote category)

- Master Category Created (i also assigned the quote category to the master category)

- Line Items Category/phase Created (& Assigned to the Master Category)

- Created 3 Models and in each Model I added the Parent Line Item the same as mentioned in the step above

Now when I open a new quote, the quote gets created, however the Tasks (3 models right?) are not getting created.
Why is this happening ? 
Can someone guide me how to create them ? what is missing?