Creating Tickets through Web Services

Dear Experts,

HPSM 9.30.

Whenever a ticket is created in HPSM, then a clone ticket is created in another Software. (we have done this through Web Services & it's working fine).

But sometimes, we cannot connect to the Other software due to internet issue or different things, the ticket in that case is not opened in the other software. (The connectivity thing can take several minutes)

Is there a way that the ticket request sent from HPSM, if there is no connectivity with the other software, will be kept in the queue, and whenever the connectivity is back to be created in the other software? 
I mean, in the javascript that we created, is there a way that whenever the ticket was not successful to keep trying until it is successful? 


Sorry for my english.



  • You can use the schedule & scheduler for your requirement.


  • Wrap the callout in a try ... catch, and (as suggested) create a schedule record with the entire call into the javascript field. If you make it non-recurring, and schedule it 1 or 5 minutes out, it will try and if it fails create a new schedule record. You won't be able to see how long it was failing easily, but coding wise this is pretty straightforward (and you can use the logs for analysis).

  • We did something like that, only we put the contents of the call in the eventout record.  

    We use a try to make the webservice call.  If it fails, we add the record to the eventout table.  The entire request - SOAP in our case, though you could do it with anything - is stored in the evfields, and we use the evstatus field to store a status value (like Success or Failure ) and the evusrseq field to store a retry count.

    Then, we have one schedule record that looks at the eventout table for any outbound events with a Status of Failure and a retry count of <5.  The scheduler wakes up, checks the eventout table, reprocesses any Failure status; if they process correctly, it sets the status to Success and moves on.  If it continues to fail, if evusrseq >=5, then we have it create a ticket in our instance of HPSM to the support team that manages the integration so we can take a look.