SLA/Holiday issue

Dear Experts,


I have an issue.

Sometimes we have unexpected holiday that is not in the calendar. When I add it to the holiday table, the problem is that the tickets/SLAs are not updated. What we need to do is to update all the open tickets so that the clock is reflected.


What can I do about it?

Has anyone faced the same issue?


Please let me know.



  • Hi,

    Yes they will not be updated as it will capture only at time of logging or addition of sla alerts.

  • Hi,

    We have the same issue.

    I know is 'around  this',
    Open Database manager ->
    (which form) ? ->
    (which Table) ? ->
    x Administration mode ->
    Search ->

    but can some charitable old soul please explain how can i mass update all opened ticket?

    thank you.

  • Hi,

    It is not recommended option to mass update all the existing tickets as his might lead to huge event-out and notifications, depending on tikes and customization in your environment. Also do not feels that mass update of problem tickets or sla records will help.

    Any way if you are sysadmin and mass update is enabled in operator profile or corresponding fc then just search the table using db and you will get the mass update visible. OR check 'Administration mode' box in db before search of table.

  • Well... I think if you try to update all the tickets by performing mass update... as Piku said it will generate eventout & notifications will be triggered.

    What I think is to create a script & execute it from script library... The SLA will be updated but no eventout will be created & no notifications will be sent.

  • Well, that's well put, i do not want eventout, and notifications sent again... :)

    I do not want to mass update all the existing tickets, only the ones that are 'open' or with a status that have associated a running SLA so they 'read' get updated with the new holidays... does that make sense(?)
    thank you

    Can you give some clue to start from script library?
    thank you

  • hello, 

    i am facing this issue with SM 9.4 were you able to find a solution ?

  • This should not be a problem since at every save the times should be recalculated based on actual data.
    An possible alternative solution to mass update is create a script that calls sla.change.state.wrapper to all open tickets. To check the parameters you can save your record and check the schedule table for sla class. You will see the call to the "sla refresh".. unless your system has online SLA calculation.. In this case you can disable it just to make this test and get the proper parameters.

    I never did it this way but I see no reason to not work.