how to handle license for Multi-tenant environment

Hi experts.
I need your advice in this one.
SM 9.52 (Multi-tenant)

How do you handle the license for this kind of environment. 
As you know when you purchase a license, this license is added to the old one & it's not specific for a particular client. 
For example let's say Customer A purchased 10 Floating Licenses & Customer B purchased 1 Floating license. But when I check the system status, I can see that Customer B has logged in with more than 1 License.
My questions are the following:
1- Is there a way to restrict Customer B from logging in if 1 license has been consumed? Because I think it's unfair for the other client because he has purchased more licenses & other customers are using from his license. 

2- Also is there a way to run a background process to run the system status every 1 hour for example & store its content to a newly created table? does anyone know where are the scripts related to system.status? 

If someone has faced this before, could you please let me know how you have handled this?