urlcreator for multiple clients

Hi Experts

SM 9.52

We have multi-tenant environment. Each client use his own link (web) to access to SM.

So we cannot have one link for ESS. Each client has a link.

How can we modify the urlCreator script in order for each client to have his own link.

I created another field ess.url.customer1 in the information record & tried to modify the script but it didn't work.

Please help.


  • Hi

    i guess you have some config to have a different URL that is related to your record.
    if you create a url for IM123 using www.sm-node1.mydomain.com  and then change 1 by 2 to have  sm-node2.mydomain you should not be able to gain access to your record.

    The idea here is to make your conditional structure before makeSCWebURL function (in urlCreator  sl) to put the url you want in stead of  'vars.$G_webserver_url'

    You should have something like this:

    switch (node):
    case 1: myserver= "www.sm-node1.mydomain.com"
    case 2: myserver= "www.sm-node2.mydomain.com"

    and so on. lastly put your variable in the function

    url = makeSCWebURL(  myserver  ,doceng,filename,queryURI,"","",titleURI);