SM 9.52 codeless - Change does not move to next phase when all tasks are closed

Dear Experts,

I need your help please.
SM 9.52.
When I was using SM 9.30 this feature was working properly. When Last task is closed: "close this phase" action was working perfectly. Now in SM 9.52 PD codeless, this feature doesn't work. 
Can someone tell me if it is a bug? I don't want to create a script since we have this functionality OOB. 

Please let me know.


  • I'm not aware Codeless SM supports OOB automatic transition from phase to another, when the phase's last task is closed. (If there is, it's well hidden...) Don't know why it's not included OOB in a codeless version of SM.

    I've added to Request task's workflow (phase: Closure) additional ruleset that checks, if the task was the last active one. If it is, JavaScript activates parent request and moves it to next phase.

    EDIT: Disclaimer, the version I use is SM 9.41

  • Hi Kelalek,

    Thank you for your reply.
    Could you please help me with the script. Could you please share it? 

  • Verified Answer

    Actually the building blocks are almost all ready in SM. Check ScriptLibrary called RequestService. There is a function called hasOpenTasks. As a name says, it checks if a request contain open tasks or not.

    In Request Task workflow, I added a ruleset to Close phase (After successful enter), which contains a rule which condition is

    jscall("RequestService.hasOpenTasks",parent.request in $L.file)=false 

    All the ruleset does then is to run a save operation on parent request which triggers automatic transition. In Request workflow, I've an automatic transition between implementation and closure phases. Its RAD condition is again:

    jscall("RequestService.hasOpenTasks",number in $L.file)=false

    Of course every implementation and workflow is a bit different. For example closure wizards or fields may require some input before advancing from phase to another is possible.

    It might also be possible to launch a backend transition from Request task towards parent Request,  but I couldn't make it work.

  • Thank you

    I sucessfully implemented this to Change with Tasks....


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