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 Hi Experts,

Can you please help me with this.

When selecting the categorization in the interaction form, when we select the subcategory, the page moves to the related product.type to select it. There is only a cancel button. Is there a way to add a back button in the product type page so that if we selected a wrong subcategory, in that way we can go back & select the correct one?

Please let me know.


  • consistently check going on a chain like that:

    1) in FD check what code are set for button

    2) in DO for that screen find this code and check what are set in action field (some standart action or some_text)

    3) in ST  you are looking for that screen (from 2) and find in process.label field that some_text. Sets cursor to valid.process field (in same line) and press F8

    4) This is process where can be executed many actions or that can be standart process like wizard, us. screlate,...

  • Actually these are controlled from the Links.

    But I don't know what parameter I should add.

    Can anyone help?

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